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to make things short the copyright for every single picture, video, design, html/css-sourcecode, html-graphics and artwork belongs to us. use of any without our written consent constitutes a copyright violation. we worked hard for every bit in the siberian mercury mines; back in the days, when we were child labourers.
don't be fooled! any violation and infringement will be legally persecuted.

exceptions there are some pieces, we don't own the copyright entirely. for instance: if we promote a cover-shoot, we display the whole publication; of course the artwork done by the magazine staff themselve belongs to them. also if we incorporate in artwork and design material done by someone else.


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... did anyone said 'COOKIES' ?

we use cookies. to be precise: we use one cookie named 'angstimwald_page_counter'. very obvious, what it is good for: it is incremented every time you visit one the pages from www.angst-im-wald.com. it serves just two purposes.

1. if the cookie is not set, or the value has 1, the website will display an information message on the home-page, when you use Internet Explorer 6 or less, telling you to upgrade or to get an alternative.
2. when viewing a single set, the website displays related sets on the bottom of the page. if the cookie has a value less than 10 it displays just sets, which are less than 12 months old.

just counting, no tracking. you are free to delete it or block the cookie. in both cases the site will function without any disturbance.

1984 – Analytics

if you take a closer look at the source code of this page, you will notice that we too use google analytics. if you don't want to be tracked by the allmighty data-octopus, just block scripts coming from the domain "google-analytics.com". blocking the script, doesn't disturb the use of the site in any way.
if you use FireFox, install the NoScript extension, which is a good choice anyway.